Case Studies

Organizer apps for the Eventbrite ticketing platform

For Printabl Tickets & Event Solutions GmbH we designed and developed two apps for the Eventbrite ticketing platform and helped to transfer them into production mode. The central component of the Printabl Paper-Ticket App is the online editor, with which organizers can freely design templates for their event tickets and enrich them with variable event data from the Eventbrite data base. When tickets are purchased, the ticket template then is individualized with the participant data and saved as a professional print PDF.

For the Printabl Print@Home App we realized an integration with the ticket servers of German public transport service providers utilizing the Tickeos API of the eos.uptrade GmbH, so that event tickets can be upgraded with transport service provider tickets. Both apps offer easy configuration and administration of the ticket templates created.

The challenge in implementing the apps was to design an intuitive and conveniently usable app, which had to be embedded into the Eventbrite organizer dashboard via an iFrame. For the production set-up, peak performance of up to 1,000 ticket generations per minute had to be handled.

In Profundus Solutions GmbH, we have found a partner with a great deal of expertise in the printing industry. As a result, we were able to implement a largely automated process, especially for printed retro tickets, taking into account the required shipping logistics. In communicating with Eventbrite Development, which is based in the USA, we benefited from Dr. Schröder’s experience in dealing with US companies.
Daniel Hutwagner
Managing partner of Printabl Tickets & Event Solutions GmbH

Web-based data collection for financial products

A large German-based financial service provider approached us with the requirement to develop an easy-to-use toolkit to convert PDF forms into freely designable web forms. The desired application should be usable with any PDF forms, support specific validations, offer context-sensitive control for the display of form blocks and integrate seamlessly into an existing system landscape.

The challenge was to convert the high complexity of the application forms into elementary building blocks from which non technical employees can assemble web forms for different target groups with little effort. In doing so, the usability of the web forms from the perspective of the future user had to be taken into account as well as the comparison of the data entered via the forms with an already existing customer database.

At first, we doubted whether our ideas and wishes for the form construction kit could even be mapped in software. Even during development, we were able to gather initial positive experience on a test system. After several months of using the finished application, our employees are enthusiastic about the usability and flexibility of the solution. The application not only fulfils the technical requirements but also provides additional functions that only became apparent during the workshops accompanying the project and the test phase.
Product owner

Content marketplace for publishers and companies

For Contiago GmbH we developed a content marketplace, where publishers can rent professional articles for use on company websites. The companies regularly receive new, thematically matching content at a reasonable price, demonstrating professional competence and thereby increasing the traffic on their website.

We redesigned and developed the solution in teamwork with the Contiago marketing department. The import of articles including keywording and subsequent illustration had been implemented as a fully automated process based on XML, JSON or PDF files as well as via web crawler. For the integration of the articles rented in the content shop, we developed plug-ins for the common CMS solutions, a system-independent responsive widget and an universal API. Further elements included the conception and implementation of a flexible subscription model, search mechanisms as well as a reporting of the usage data.

The challenge was to develop a streaming concept for the articles so that access to publisher content could be limited to subscribers. The subscription model should support a wide range of usage scenarios and still be easy to communicate. The marketplace had to be further developed and optimized for two very different user groups – publishers with strict guidelines on content usage and subscribers with small marketing budgets.

In cooperation with Dr. Schröder and the Profundus development team, we were able to implement our idea of a content marketplace in a timely manner without having to worry about project management in detail. Profundus Solutions GmbH also supported us in the implementation and operation of the application, so that we were able to concentrate fully on the market launch and expansion of the business idea.
Daniel Hutwagner
Managing partner of Contiago GmbH

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