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Consulting for Project Management

Software and IT projects often have to be planned and managed parallel to daily business. This leaves little time for detailed planning and a well-developed concept. We support you in these tasks with our sound expertise and extensive experience from numerous software projects in various industries.

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Managed development services

We build the team capable of working on your project. We offer agile development based on scrum project management methods. We work closely with the product owner to define the required sprint schedule.

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Project concept and supervision

We start with the clients idea, shape it into an application concept by defining features, streamline usability and integrate external requirements – all in close communication with the stake holders.

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Our advantages

  • Trustworthy quality

The core of our business is to provide knowledge and human resources to solve urgent needs of our customers, based on a trustful cooperation with an openminded communication.

  • Local support

German based project management guarantee, that our clients requirements are fully understood and transferred into detailed specification for the development team. This way of working is completely transparent for our customers.

  • Outstanding project management

By project management we mean an ongoing process, starting with a well-founded briefing, the regular presentation of interim results with the possibility of adapting the requirements on the basis of visible results already in the ongoing development process, up to the implementation of the solution in the productive environment and the support of the customer during commissioning.

The industries we serve


Our client projects include the automation of print job aggregation including post production requirements, online customization applications, as well as remote approval solutions and in-house process optimizations. We have a profund knowledge of prepress and print requirements.


For a large financial service provider we developed a self service application to improved web based ordering offers. In a range of on site workshops with the product owner and stake holders we elaborated and documented a precise concept of the intended application. At the second step the concept was implemented in a tight time frame providing a test site for first on the object testing and feedback.


We supply our customers with specially developed E-commerce platform that fully corresponds their needs, and could include integration with online graphic editors or other third party services.


We supported a start-up in the realization of a content market place providing publishers content to website owners. Here we transferred the intented business logic into development tasks, handle the project management of the development team, supported the client at the market launch and provide ongoing maintenance as well as on demand integration of new features.

Cultural Heritage

Side by side with our customers we transform the way cultural heritage is transmitted to the next generations. Using cutting-edge technologies, like 3DO modeling, we become to be able to represent any artifact or even the spirit of the age on the range of devices from mobile to large screen monitors.


Following the demands of our customers we create sophisticated interactive applications that allow to represent the information about complex objects phenomena in a totally comprehensive way, supporting the process of knowledge acquiring on each level of the educational process.

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