Oliver Schroeder
Any requirement can always be handled by more than one solution. The challenge is to identify the one, which serves the combination of usability, steadiness and budget limits best.
Oliver Shroeder

Business background

Oliver has worked more than 20 year as independent consultant managing technical projects in the printing and publishing industry in Germany and abroad. Since 8 years he is in the software developed business, starting with small scripting tasks soon to become project lead of some large remote software projects for international player in the printing industry.

Recently he broaden the scope of his services/capabilities by addressing the increasing clients needs to transfer all kinds of customer oriented processes into web based and mobile applications. Here he focuses on usability for the user while keeping requirements for scalability, maintenance and Cloud based services in mind.


Oliver loves to cook and enjoy free time with his family. As chairmen the parents council at the school of his daughter he helps to shape and solve parents tasks in the scope of the school environment.

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